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2 years ago
Louisiana negotiating hospital management with new company

Just found this update on the LSU hospital contract for UH in the Lake Charles newspaper.

BATON ROUGE -- Breach-of-contract allegations against the private operator of the state-owned, safety-net hospitals in north Louisiana won't be resolved by this week's deadline, as negotiations ... See more

2 years ago
Segue Science Labs at BRF’s Intertech 1 the production site for ULM-licensed technology

Some exciting news from ULM and the BRF!

A private biomedical research laboratory in Shreveport is set to be the production site for a new University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM)-licensed technology researchers say has potential to treat a

2 years ago
ULM pharmacy researchers link olive oil to preventing cancer, Alzheimer’s

Some intriguing research coming out of ULM!

Two researchers at the University of Louisiana Monroe are developing a product they believe could helcancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

2 years ago
Louisiana Tech's MBA program earns new bragging rights

Congratulations to Louisiana Tech Business School Dean Chris Martin and his team. Another win for Louisiana Tech! just ranked Louisiana Tech the seventh most affordable online master’s in marketing degrees in the country. Affordable Colleges ranked 45 institutions based on tuition, ... See more

2 years ago

What a pleasure it was to wake up this morning and find this article of the front page of the Shreveport Times. It's a must read, and the best part of it is our NWLA schools are setting enrollment ... See more

The University of Louisiana System saw an increase of more than1,000 students across its nine schools this fall, according to the official 14th day census.

2 years ago

Just received some impressive numbers from Northwestern State University's School of Nursing in Shreveport. Enrollment has risen 27% over the last 3 years! Congratulations Dr. Dana Clawson.You and ... See more

2 years ago
President of UL System predicts big gains for colleges and universities

Encouraging words from UL President Dr. Jim Henderson!

Despite a decade of major cuts to colleges and universities, the president of the University of Louisiana System said Tuesday he is bullish about the future of higher education in

3 years ago
Bossier Parish Community College celebrates 50 years

Congratulations to Bossier Parish Community College on turning 50! There has been great leadership over the years, and we have a great one now with Rick Bateman as Chancellor!

BOSSIER CITY — Five decades ago, there was a vision to create a higher education institute in Bossier. Today, Bossier Parish Community College is a beacon of hope and opportunity for all who walk ... See more

3 years ago
$911 million: LSU Tigers ranked as nation’s fifth most-valuable college team - Baton Rouge Business Report

Ever wonder how much the LSU Tiger football team is worth? This answer is: a lot. Read more about it here.

The LSU Tigers are ranked as the nation’s fifth most-valuable college football team in a new analysis by a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, The Wall Street Journal ... See more

3 years ago
Weekly Newsletter of the SBBA

Weekly Newsletter of the SBBA

For more information on becoming a member of the SBBA, or providing direct support for our work, please contact Dr. Johnette Magner at

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